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Publicite, FORD KUGA

Un superbe réalisation, avoir absolument.

Cette Vidéo à été sélectionné dans la catégorie Virals au the Young Director Award 2008 de cannes

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  1. If your post was a quote, it would be, “Fear is the tax that conscience pays to guilt..”.

  2. Just because its a croesovsr doesn’t mean it can’t be fast. Quit trying to change others’ point of view to your norms. Kind of close minded you are to think that just because its a croesovsr means that it can’t have speed or power just because you don’t see it or like them that way. By your logic, you make horrible analogies. FYI. I just commented that for some people a faster car is better. Quit drawing conclusions on a simple comment I made.

  3. House Cats, and domesticated dogs have never existed in the wild. They are a product of cross breeding and have evolved over many centuries to be what they are today. There has never been “wild” german sheppards, or tabby cats. They were made by us a thousand years ago. Can’t compare dogs, cats, and monkeys…Not for a couple thousand years anyways.

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